Our Success Stories

Listen to their stories.

Success Stories 01

Exclusive partners with International Halal Event Organisers

International Halal Events is the biggest platform on building networking with between businesses. Place where we can meet and talk about business with all kind of entrepreneurs. In performing our road to success, we’ve appointed as an Exclusive partners for Malaysia with most of the Halal International Events Organisers worldwide devide by regions, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific & South East Asia.

Success Stories 02

Signing Memorandum of Understanding with ready buyers

In years on joining the Halal International Events, we have met lots of entrepreneurs who are interested on making business with our Malaysian products. To show that they’re are serious, we decided on signing the MOU between our company and their’s. They are almost hundred of ready buyers waiting to connect with our vendors to make business matching on the products demand.

Success Stories 03

Contract deals fulfilment

We proud to share that some of our vendors are already making business with the ready buyers and already got cotract orders on continuously exporting their products to the buyer country. This is one of the biggest success in business networking internationally. The companies that have made it to get continuous order are listed below :

– MIM sweetener (exported to Europe)
– Snek Ria Muruku (exported to Dubai)
– Coffee Badang (exported to Korea)

Our International Business Networking

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